Residential Services

Residential Services: Takhini Haven

Opened in the winter of 2012-13, this area was the entry point to Residential Services.

Takhini Haven has 5 bedrooms available for long term care for adults with varying disabilities. Services provided at this location include skill building, assistance with appointments and daily activities, and community engagement. This building operates in collaboration with Adult Services Unit through Health and Social Services. Our program also offers transitional supports for those wanting to have a more independent lifestyle.


Residential Services: 6-Plex

The Transitional Treatment Program opened December 1, 2015 (check it out: and is a 10 bed facility located at 4050-4th Avenue in downtown Whitehorse. The facility operates through collaboration between Challenge DRG and Mental Health Services. The facility offers both a transitional treatment, or long term, residence and a brief stabilization and respite, or short term, residence option. Both programs are designed for individuals with mental health diagnoses.

The premise of our programming is based on the Recovery Model of psychosocial rehabilitation, where our team helps individuals build upon their strengths and skills while supporting people in accessing the resources they need to lead satisfying lives independently in the community.

Available weekly programming is based around life skills education and may include:

  • Cooking
  • Social skills
  • Budgeting
  • Employment
  • Illness education
  • Recovery based activities

The Goals of Our Transitional Treatment Program

  1. That the individual has a thorough understanding of their diagnosis and its effects
  2. Develop a treatment plan that achieves an optimal baseline in regards to medication management, symptom management and functional life skills
  3. That the individual will gain the knowledge, skills and well-being to transition into an independent living arrangement

To discuss referral options for either residence please contact Cindy Densmore at 668-4421 ext 500

Want to work in one of our facilities? Contact Cindy Densmore at the number listed above and keep your eyes open on as we can always use Auxiliary On-Calls for both houses!

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