Located in the cafeteria of the Main Administration building on 2nd Avenue, this comfortable and inclusive location is open to the general public. When you visit us you help create a place where a person with barriers to employment feels welcome, where their strengths are valued, where their lives are forever changed.

We give back: we serve over 150 meals a month to low income Yukoners in partnership with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society Yukon

We have 6 amazing staff who are learning transferable work skills in a supported environment

Our jobs give people a positive place to be. Our jobs let people know they matter!

What our staff say:

“it’s not the job but the customers that impact my life and keep me coming back to work. It has been a learning experience. It gets me out of the house, which is better than being in front of the TV all day long.”

“It’s been a good experience because it’s learning something new every day.”

“Interacting with co-workers has given me a purpose. It’s been a very positive experience for me.”

“Working at the Ledge has been a good thing. I even go help with finding a tutor and I like making money.”

“This job is a good thing because it keeps me busy. Otherwise I’d be home alone. I like working here.”

Ledge Challenge DRG
Ledge Challenge DRG