About Us

Challenge Disability Resource Group is a not for profit that assists people with disabilities to become active and independent in their community, by learning real job skills and entering the job market.

Since 1976 we have been working to create an inclusive community by engaging partners to create training programs and work opportunities for adults with disabilities. Just last year we worked with over 140 consumers and helped more than 75 individuals earn over $320,000.00

How do we do It?

We work with community partners to manage a range of job and life skills training enterprises, and then partner with local employers to build long term jobs for our consumers. We build a strong foundation of family and agency support for each one of our consumers, a strong set of supports for our employers, and strive to build confidence and pride in each.

We offer vocational assessment, employment coordination, and job development services to our consumers. Our many enterprises offer consumers an opportunity for clients to build their skills and offer valuable services to the community. We offer business service contracts, food service experience, wood products manufacturing, landscaping and yard management services and much more.

By supporting our programs and using our services you can help make meaningful change in the lives of adults with disabilities in our community.