Employ Ability Skills Program

Employ Ability Skills Program

Who are we?

We deliver and facilitate an employment training program for people with disabilities and barriers to employment.  Our programs run for 12 – 15 weeks and usually include 9 participants each time.  We are a small group of 3 staff members which consists of one Coordinator and two Job Coaches.  Our funding is provided by Service Canada – Opportunities Fund, and the Yukon Government – Advanced Education.  Our Employ Abilities program is the only program of this kind throughout the Yukon Territory.

Employ Ability Skills offers classroom, woodshop, kitchen, greenhouse and retail exposure.

What do we do?

Our Program provides work experience in Wood Shop, Kitchen and Greenhouse job sites, while also offering employment skills training in our classroom. Through our work experience we give participants to develop on-the-job training within their time in the program. In classroom we discuss topics such as Communication, Conflict Resolution, Employer Expectations, Time Management, Budgeting, and much more.  Our program also provides participants the opportunity for certificate training in FoodSafe, WHMIS, and Emergency First Aid.

Why are we here?

We are here to provide the tools and experience necessary for our clients to become successfully employed and, hopefully, maintain gainful employment.  Many applicants come to us because they are having a hard time finding a job, are not able to keep a job for very long, or have limited experience, etc.  We are able to teach some of the skills that participants require while providing daily work experience in a supported, safe environment. Our goal is to assist our participants in gaining the skills and confidence needed to obtain and maintain employment.

Strengths of our Department

One of the great things about the Employ Ability Skills Program is that we reach a wide variety of people within the community as there is no strict referral process.  We can literally have someone walk in off the street, self-identify as a person with any type of disability that causes barriers to employment, and they are immediately considered for our program.  Our easily accessible system reaches a range of clients who may not be eligible for other services in the community.  Aside from our self-referrals, we receive referrals for potential clients from several of our community partners such as FASSY, LDAY, Mental Health Services, Income Supports Unit, etc.

Another great strength of our department is the team dynamic that encompasses both staff members and participants.  We believe that with positive encouragement, and our rewards-based approach, our participants will succeed within the Program and extend in to the community with the result being increased employability, higher confidence and positive community involvement.

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